Being between

This work is about following. I follow myself with a camera, and frame where I am. As the shutter opens and closes, it becomes where I was. Looking back, amid ever shifting grounds, I am followed by what is constant. The photographs show it as my family and my own image, but much of what is constant can neither be seen, nor photographed.

I follow myself with a camera because I don’t know where I am going. I follow myself with a camera because I want to see who was with me, and whom I was missing. I follow myself with a camera to remember the way home.

The high, recovering
When are you coming back?
Looking down, and back
Where I truly am
Narrow galian, tall houses
Of, home
Between chapel and mosquito
Standing still, still as I can (remember? )
Pursuing the light
It does not relent
Clothesline, birds squawking
With Amma, praying
Of immediate happiness
Goodbye my lover
Near the phattak crossing
Will I stop slipping?
Set me free
Because the fog came in
Of singing new songs
Sundials and hammocks
Sail through
Seconds before leaving
And as I disappear
Surrounded, a familiar home
Last day, songbirds returning home
Familiar, unfamiliar
Another place, a differnt fog
Before he was here
Facing South
Amma with me, always
Back and forth
On a Tuesday morning
Dried grass followed us home
Borrowed veil
Let the whirlwind begin
I am and I was
The earth was red that day