The Mom Series

The Mom Series explores influences of culture and identity.The mothers I photograph, including myself, come from places all around the world. Some are family, some are friends and some are total strangers. While their sense of self is often tied to different conceptions of homeland, their identities are informed by much more than where they are from.The culture my subjects share is the rich, expanding culture of motherhood. Reaching beyond geographical and political boarders, motherhood is the most profound homeland of all.

Judy, Katherine & Michelle
Weronika & Eddie
Sarah & Luna
Manizah, Safwan & Sana
Neelam, Mehreen & Saher
Kira, Jack, Pearl & Theodre
Kathy, Nico & Axel
Saher & Hareem
Lucie & McCoy
Allison & Ayres
Laura, Hannah & Riley
Sarah, Oliver & Elliot
Crady, Cooper & Semmes
Laurie & Shelby
Natalie, Cas & Eliza
Angel and Chloe
Aliya & Ameenah
Lucy & Harper
Leidy & Drake
Delita & Caleb
Melissa & Caroline
Anna, Miles & Molly
Mary & Gracie
Kali & Victoria
Mia & Fiona
Neelam & Mehreen
Bao & Nova
Nadia & Zahara
Lucie & Max
Joli & Benjamin
Asifa, Aliya, Ayaan & Misha
Kristin, Coen & Arlo
Lorraine, Alia & Melina
Ambreen & Hakan
Paula & Thaeden
Leslie, Evie & Nora
Lauren, Colin & Dylan
Sarah & Allie